Many times, when you have to find the Representative, it will be a stressful situation. However, please keep in mind, that Workplace Representatives are volunteers, and in many cases are busy with their own deliverables at work.

However, there is a way for a WPR to work it out as well, unfortunately, in the worst case scenario, WPR may have to invoke article 9.2(a) which talks that WPR shall obtain permission from their supervisor to leave workplace for WPR-related activities, and such permission will not unreasonably be witheld. At the same time, not every manager will want to accommodate a WPR.

Having said all of the above, the process for a WPR search should be something like this:

- Search the WPR directory here: You can search by your location, or by any other location - you are NOT restricted to reach out to WPR only from your location. In fact, some locations may not even have a WPR.

If you are at work, try Skype for Business, or e-mail. Some WPRs will prefer phone. If you are not at work, try e-mail and phone. try to reach out to a few WPR, and see who would be available. When reaching out to a few WPRs via e-mail at the same time, it might be beneficial to provide the area of concern without any specific details, or the article that you need more information on, and see who will respond. You have a big chances of getting a response the same day.

- When you are in some bizzare situation right now, and in truly emergency, and you have not been able to reach any WPRs that are close by, your next resort is a Workplace Advisor at AMAPCEO office. You can follow this link to find out who is your advisor: Please be aware, that advisors are even more busy than WPRs, as one advisor deals with issues arising from number of ministries.