What to do when you are pulled in to a surprise meeting? Well, it really depends on the situation. in certain situations, you have a RIGHT to be represented by Association representative. However, let mesay right away, It is in your best interest to reach out to your WPR immediately when that happens. Those situations are listed in article 7.1. The article is not this big, therefore, i will provide the entire article 7 here:

7.1 Where a supervisor or other Employer representative intends to meet with an employee:

(a) for disciplinary purposes; or

(b) to investigate matters which may result in disciplinary action; or

(c) for a formal counselling session with regard to unsatisfactory performance or behaviour; or

(d) for termination of employment; or

(e) for matters related to the development, implementation and administration of an accommodation or return to work plan; or

(f) to discuss attendance management issues under the Employer's attendance management program.

the employee shall have the right to be accompanied by and represented by an Association representative. The Employer shall notify the employee of this right and set the time and place for the meeting.

7.2 If the employee requests representation by an Association representative, the Employer shall set the time and place for the meeting, which is mutually agreeable to the Employer and the employee. Failing agreement the Employer shall allow up to 3 days from the notice in Article 7.1 for the employee to secure an Association representative for the meeting. However, where urgency is required, the Employer shall give the employee notice so that the employee can be represented by an Association representative in person or by teleconference.

From the above, it is very clear in what situations you have your representation right. The idea is, that whenever you know that right or not is NOT RELEVANT at all - the employer absolutely MUST notify you of your right under article 7 BEFORE the meeting, and offer you to choose and bring the Representative. Contrary to popular belief, the efforts in bringing the representative ARE MUTUALLY shared between employee and employer, and only when such efforts have failed, employer can simply provide you with 3 days notice.

In any case, whereas you manager is holding a meeting where you should have the right to be represented, and manager has not told you about your rights under article 7, manager has already violated your rights under collective agreement, and everything, you might have agreed to in that meeting can be made null and void.

Having said all above, you have 2 options, and only you can decide wich option may provide you with tactical advantage:

1. VERY POLITELY say that it appears that in your opinion, your rights under article 7 have been violated, and you are no longer in the position to continue with such meeting. After that, say you want to speak to a WPR before this meeting could continue, leave the room and find your rep,